Legal Recruiting Compensation: Are You Competitive?

If you’ve changed how you post jobs, communicate your law firm or legal department’s employment brand, and interview candidates, but you still aren’t attracting the most qualified talent, it may be time to look at your compensation offerings. Offering competitive compensation is about more than just salary. It’s also about balancing benefits and crafting a… Read More »

Does Toronto’s Top Legal Recruiting Team Know Who You Are?

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Legal Job Offer: Create a Litmus Test for Evaluating an Offer

Receiving a job offer is a thrilling moment, as well as a vindication of your hard work on the job hunt. But simply receiving an offer doesn’t guarantee that this position or firm is the right fit for you. To evaluate and compare job offers effectively, it’s wise to devise a “litmus test” for job… Read More »

Don’t Forget This Essential Step When Interviewing for a Legal Job

When you work with a legal recruiter, one of the first steps is to interview with your recruiter. This interview helps your recruiter determine what you’re looking for and what skills you offer, which in turn helps them recommend job openings that provide the right fit for your current career plans. The interview can help… Read More »

The Ethics of a Legal Professional: Avoiding Technology Pitfalls

The technological advancements of the past twenty years have reshaped every area of our lives, including the ways legal support staff and lawyers provide services to their clients. One of the biggest hurdles in implementing technologies in legal contexts has been reconciling the use of new technologies with existing ethics rules that may not anticipate… Read More »

When Your Attitude Becomes a Career Liability (and What to Do)

It’s easy to stay upbeat for thirty minutes during an interview, and it’s difficult not to feel optimistic when you start a promising new job. As time goes by, however, stress can creep in. The job you thought was a “dream” can turn out to contain the occasional (or more than occasional) nightmare. Keeping your… Read More »

6 Legal Support Job Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

The best interview is a dialogue in which both you, your recruiter, and the employer to determine whether you’ll have a strong working relationship together. Preparing questions to ask during your interview helps you determine whether this job is the right fit. It also demonstrates your engagement and enthusiasm, helping you stand out among your… Read More »

4 Signs Your Interview Answers Aren’t Working (and How to Fix It)

Have you been on several interviews, but are still waiting for a job offer?  If so, it may be time to rethink your interview strategy. Start by talking to your recruiter. They can help you pinpoint specific interview mistakes you may be committing and help you address them.  In addition, ask yourself whether any of… Read More »