Does Toronto’s Top Legal Recruiting Team Know Who You Are?

If you’re a legal support professional building your career in the Toronto area, you want people to know about the work you do. You want them to contribute to your reputation as a competent professional. And being on the radar of the top legal recruiting team in Toronto can help you do that.

Why Do You Need to Connect With Toronto’s Top Legal Recruiters?

Whether you’re currently seeking a job, working full time but looking for something better or employed in a position you love with a law firm or legal department you never want to leave, connecting with a recruiting firm can help your career. Here’s how:

  • Your recruiter is a source of valuable information. Recruiters have “insider info” on the industry they serve. When you’re connected to a top recruiter, you’re the first to know about industry news or gossip that could affect you – and the first to act when the time is right.
  • Your recruiter is a prominent node in your professional network. Recruiters love meeting new professionals in the fields they serve, which means they know almost everyone. Meanwhile, you only need to get to know one recruiter to have more professional network connections than you dreamed possible.
  • Your recruiter always has an ear to the ground. It’s tough to stay alert for the best possible job for you while you’re also trying to build a reputation and career in the job you have. Your recruiter automatically takes on the first task for you, so you can focus on the second and make a career move only when the time is right.

How to Connect With a Legal Recruiting Team (Whether or Not You Need a Job)

To get to know the top legal recruiting firm in the Toronto area:

  • Connect on LinkedIn. LinkedIn lets you start communicating with top recruiters without having to search for a new job. It also lets you stay on top of news from your staffing partner.
  • Submit a Resume. Submitting your resume puts you in the job-search pool. It also alerts recruiters that you’re interested in working with them and in finding a great new job.
  • Refer a Friend. Sometimes, it’s easier to have a friend introduce you – or to introduce yourself by recommending a friend. Toronto’s top legal recruiting firm makes this easy.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters enjoy connecting with legal support professionals in the greater Toronto area – and helping you connect to some of the best jobs and employers in the field. To learn more, contact us today.

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