The True Costs of Recruiting Indecisiveness

When you have several good candidates, it’s tempting to take your time with a hiring decision. Delays or indecisiveness, however, can have multiple negative effects on your team and your organization. Waiting takes time, which translates to lost productivity and money. Worse, your top candidates may accept an offer from another law firm or legal… Read More »

How to Gauge a Potential Employee’s Ethics and Soft Skills

When you’ve got more than one solid candidate to choose from as an employer, you’re in a pretty good position. The difficulty is deciding what factors will go into making your final decision. Two things that separate an average candidate from top talent are their ethics and soft skills. A behavioral interview can reveal exactly… Read More »

Can’t Decide Between Two Legal Support Job Candidates? Here’s What to Do.

Every hiring manager faces this quandary sooner or later: You have two outstanding candidates for one legal support position.  Either one is likely to do well with your current team.  So which do you choose? These strategies can help: Focus on the critical skills for your What are your office’s current strengths? Its weaknesses?  What… Read More »