Can’t Decide Between Two Legal Support Job Candidates? Here’s What to Do.

Every hiring manager faces this quandary sooner or later: You have two outstanding candidates for one legal support position.  Either one is likely to do well with your current team.  So which do you choose?

These strategies can help:

  1. Focus on the critical skills for your What are your office’s current strengths? Its weaknesses?  What opportunities and challenges does it face?  Put these front and center to choose the two or three most critical skills your next legal support team member needs now.  Then, reevaluate the candidates on the basis of their mastery of these skills and their ability to apply them in tough situations.
  2. Consider the candidate’s enthusiasm. Both candidates have worked hard to develop their skills and abilities. But which candidate seems more genuinely enthusiastic about taking this job?  If you aren’t certain, based on the interviews you’ve already performed, consider asking each candidate to come in and present to the team.  How do they respond to this suggestion?  Are they willing? Excited?  As an added bonus, you can use the presentation to introduce the candidate to the entire team and to get their feedback as well.
  3. Add a more relaxed setting. Consider asking the candidate to interview informally in a more relaxed setting, such as over lunch at a local restaurant. You may see a different side of the candidate, which can help you gain perspective on their personality, strengths, and weaknesses.  Since legal teams often work long hours together, getting this perspective can help you determine which candidate is the best fit for your team.
  4. Ask them. While you can’t offer them both the job at the same time, you can ask them, “If we were to offer you this job, what would be the barriers to accepting it for you, and how would you try to overcome them?” Pay attention to how enthusiastically they say yes, which barriers they list and how serious they seem, and whether they volunteer options for overcoming those barriers.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters strive to provide recommendations for great candidates, so you can focus on finding the person who offers the best fit for your legal practice.  Contact us today to learn more about our legal support recruiting services in Toronto.

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