How You Can Make Your Business More Tech-Savvy

Studies show that businesses face threats to their bottom line and future competitiveness when they’re slow to adopt technological tools. The effect appears across industries, and it even affects the legal profession. While tech tools can improve business processes, tech for tech’s sake isn’t enough. Instead, law firms and legal departments must first understand the… Read More »

Quick-Start Guide to Writing an Great Legal Support Staffing Plan for 2017

The goal of a staffing plan is to ensure you have the right legal support talent in the right positions at the right time. It sounds straightforward enough. To get you off to a great staffing start in 2017, here are five quick steps to help you develop your plan. Evaluate your needs. Before you… Read More »

Being Resilient: How to Bounce Back After Missing out on a Great Job

Today’s legal support job market is more competitive than ever before. For every successful candidate, there might be several rejections. This is a fact of life when it comes to your search – however, it doesn’t make it any easier. It’s a Candidates’ Market Professionals who have avoided the job market for years are now… Read More »

Your Time Is Valuable! Why Partnering With a Legal Support Recruiter Will Free up Your Time

Legal practice managers juggle a host of different tasks: keeping staff on track, generating income, building the practice, training and development, and recruiting.  If it feels as though eight hours a day simply isn’t enough time to take care of the details, consider working with a recruiter. A staffing firm that focuses on connecting law… Read More »

Partnering With a Legal Support Recruiting Firm? Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes

Working with a legal support recruiting firm can help you streamline the hiring process, find better talent, and plan ahead to avoid hiring crises – but only if you choose the right firm and make the right calls.  Here are the top five mistakes organizations make when partnering with recruiting agencies and how to avoid… Read More »

Three Things You Are Doing That Cause Top Talent to Walk Away

Working with the right legal support recruiting firm can improve your exposure to top talent, increasing the chances that these superstar support staff will apply when your law firm or legal department needs to fill an open position. But when you work with a recruiting firm, the best results rely on your communication with your… Read More »

How to Find Qualified (Though Elusive) Top Talent

Law firms and legal departments in the greater Toronto area are facing an uphill battle.  Currently, the applicant pool for legal support staff is quite small, and the number of available jobs continues to outpace the number of qualified candidates.  As a result, firms seeking top legal support talent must hone their processes in order… Read More »