How You Can Make Your Business More Tech-Savvy

Studies show that businesses face threats to their bottom line and future competitiveness when they’re slow to adopt technological tools. The effect appears across industries, and it even affects the legal profession.

While tech tools can improve business processes, tech for tech’s sake isn’t enough. Instead, law firms and legal departments must first understand the problems they face. Then, these organizations can choose the tools that will help them succeed.

Here are several available technologies that can help improve your recruiting and retention processes:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) differs from traditional code. Typically, a computer program is a set of instructions that responds in a pre-set way to data inputs. AI, however, uses algorithms that can adapt to patterns in the input, allowing it to respond more intuitively to a wide range of situations.

In hiring, artificial intelligence is making a number of tasks simpler. For instance, AI systems can scan submitted applications not only for specific keywords but also for synonyms. Hiring managers can use AI with assurance the system won’t drop a promising candidate because they used a common synonym instead of the precise wording in the job ad.

  1. Chatbots

AI has also improved chatbot functions. These bots can now hold conversations that flow much more naturally, and they can understand and respond to a wider variety of inputs from users.

Chatbots can help streamline early stages of the hiring process and later stages like onboarding. In the early stages, a chatbot can gather basic information while also demonstrating the organization’s culture and values through its personality and tone. During onboarding, chatbots can lead new hires more quickly through processes like filling out human resources paperwork and understanding office policies.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Recruiting

Mobile technology is ubiquitous, and many professionals now seek their next legal industry job by scrolling their phones. To reach the broadest number of candidates, law firms and legal departments must ensure their websites and applications are optimized for mobile viewing.

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