How Well Are You Relating to Your Legal Support Team?

A legal support team is crucial to the success of any law firm or legal department’s endeavors. The strength of this team, however, often depends on the ability of its leaders to forge strong connections with legal support staff and help support staff connect with one another.

Here’s why a focus on culture-building and relationship strength is a wise investment:

  1. Better Communication Boosts Engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic due to its strong relationship to productivity, turnover, and other key performance indicators in every business setting.

When your staff communicates effectively with one another, their engagement increases. They know that it’s safe to ask questions and seek advice from their colleagues and managers. It becomes easier for legal support teams to take ownership of the work they do and to give it the high-quality attention your clients need and deserve.

  1. Better Communication Improves Work

Many workplaces face high mistake rates because staff hesitates to ask for clarification, direction or guidance when they need it. Instead, they muddle through on their own, taking more time and creating more errors than they otherwise would.

When a legal support team’s relationships are strong, this risk diminishes. Managers who relate well to their staff improve the chances staff will ask for help when they need it, allowing the team to prevent mistakes and complete tasks more efficiently.

  1. Strong Relationships Lead to Stronger Skills

Legal support teams that relate well to one another develop a better understanding of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. When team members feel safe raising issues and taking correction, everyone on the team can learn on a daily basis. The skills of the team improve as team members share strengths and support weaknesses in an interdependent manner.

  1. Referrals Are Built on Good Relationships

Employees who receive strong support at work are more likely to refer trusted colleagues for job openings with their employer. These referrals may also be higher-quality recommendations since your staff fully understand which factors are essential to the success of the team. Over time, good relationships with your existing team can lead to relationships with stronger candidates through the use of a referral system.

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