5 Ways to Gain and Maintain Your Competitive Advantage in the Market

Law firms and legal departments regularly strive for a competitive advantage in the marketplace, which helps them achieve their goals. Here, we discuss five ways to build and maintain that competitive edge through better staffing. Build a strong employment brand. Recruiting and retaining the best legal talent begins with a clear message. Your employment brand… Read More »

The Tactful Way to Reject a Job Offer

Receiving a job offer deserves congratulations! As you review the terms of the offer, however, after analyzing the offer and talking with your recruiter, you may realize that this job isn’t the right one for you. When this happens, you may wonder what to do next. You aren’t obligated to “save face” by accepting the… Read More »

The Importance of Developing a Specialty in Your Legal Career

Legal support professionals are often called upon to tackle multiple tasks, but specialization can be the force that moves your career forward. Focusing on a specific practice area (such as litigation) or industry (such as insurance or real estate) can make you the “resident expert,” expand your network and more. How Specialization Helps Advance Your… Read More »

How to Assess a Legal Assistant Job Offer

After a focused job search, you finally have an offer in hand.  Congratulations!  But do the organization and position offer the next career step you want and need? No matter how excited you are, don’t say “I accept” until you’re certain this is the job you want.  Here are a few things to consider as… Read More »