Currently Employed? You Should Still Be Open to Hearing About a New Job

Once you have a job you enjoy, it’s tempting to let your recruiter go to voicemail. It’s time to focus on your work, not the job market – right? Actually, if you don’t talk with your recruiter from time to time, you may miss out on some extraordinary opportunities. Here’s why it’s always worthwhile to… Read More »

6 Ways to Take Control of Your Work Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance in the legal field can be tough.  Deadlines are an everyday reality, clients need your time and attention, and there is always one more thing you could strike off the to-do list before going to bed for the night. But if you don’t find a good work-life balance, your quality of… Read More »

4 Signs a Legal Support Career Path Is Right for You

Are you likely to love working in legal support? If you’re considering a legal support career, or have just started on your career path, you may wonder how you can answer this question. Legal support professionals who love their jobs share many common traits. Here are five of them: You’re fascinated by the work being… Read More »