Currently Employed? You Should Still Be Open to Hearing About a New Job

Once you have a job you enjoy, it’s tempting to let your recruiter go to voicemail. It’s time to focus on your work, not the job market – right?

Actually, if you don’t talk with your recruiter from time to time, you may miss out on some extraordinary opportunities. Here’s why it’s always worthwhile to give your recruiter a moment of your time:

The job market is constantly changing.

No matter how much you love your current role, team and organization, the broader market in which your position exists isn’t the same as it was a few months or years ago. While you’ve focused on being an outstanding lawyer or legal support professional, your recruiter has focused on keeping track of those changes.

When you talk to your recruiter today, you get context for your position within the changing job market. You also learn what else is available, which can help you better understand whether your workplace’s demands are realistic and your compensation reflects your value.

Your recruiter is thinking “long term” about the best fit for your career.

Loving your job doesn’t always mean your job loves you back. While it’s always appropriate to focus on doing your best work, it’s also a good idea to have someone on your side whose responsibility is to help you see the bigger picture.

When your recruiter calls about a job opening, they’re not calling you at random. They’re calling because they know your skills and aspirations would be well suited and well supported in the position. Every call is an opportunity to check your own long-term plans and adjust if needed, so you get where you truly want to be.

You’re building your network and staying on top of industry news.

Every network contact withers if you neglect is, and your recruiter is no exception. Yet your recruiter, with their strong field of industry relationships, is one of the most important “nodes” in any professional network. By taking their call, you help keep this relationship strong.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters are constantly building relationships with top law firms and legal departments in the greater Toronto area – and we can tell you about opportunities you might otherwise miss. Contact us today to learn more.

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