The #1 Reasons Employees Quit (And What You Can Do About It)

The number one reason why people leave their jobs is no secret. The mantra, “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” has been a standard for decades. Even so, companies that struggle with turnover often fail to address management issues that cost them talent. If your legal department consistently loses talented support staff, use these strategies to get back on track.

Common Management Issues That Lead to Turnover

Problem: Overwork

Legal departments are busy, and there are times of the year when the staff is drowning in work. However, demanding too much almost always leads to burnout. The fact is, there is little value in overworking your team. Research from Stanford shows that productivity per hour declines sharply when employees log more than 50 weekly hours, and productivity drops so much after 55 hours, there is no benefit to the additional time.

Solution: Skilled Contingent Support Staff

When dealing with complex legal issues, the work must get done within a specific time frame. Managers often feel like they have no choice but to overwork their staff. However, relying on skilled, temporary legal support staff can help manage workflow, control hours and prevent burnout and resentment among your full-time staff.

Problem: Failure to Recognize Achievement

Talented legal support professionals make it possible for lawyers to do their jobs well. Everyone wants to hear, “great job,” when they give a task or project their all. People who work at peak performance all day every day and never hear so much as a “thank you” will begin to feel like they are taken advantage of and they will seek out greener pastures.

Solution: Promote a Supportive Culture

Recognizing a job well done, whether it’s through a raise, a promotion or public acknowledgement lets employees know their efforts are valued.

Problem: Lack of Development

The best bosses support their employees’ career goals by helping them develop and grow their skills over time. Talented employees aren’t going to be content doing the same tasks over and over again for decades. They want to try new things and learn new skills.

Solution: Ongoing Feedback and Regular Reviews

Annual performance reviews are often ineffective. A better way to promote strong performance and develop employees is to cultivate a culture where regular feedback is provided so employees can hear in real-time what they are doing well and where they need to improve. Quarterly reviews help managers stay tuned in to performance development and affords opportunities to connect staff with new tasks and responsibilities.

Are You Struggling With Legal Support Staff Turnover?

If your Toronto-area legal department or firm is struggling with turnover, Kent Legal can help. Our recruiters can develop solutions to help you stay fully staffed with talented legal support professionals who will keep things moving forward. Whether you need a short-term or permanent solution, Kent Legal can help you achieve your goals.  Contact us today to learn more.

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