How to Pick a Great Recruiting Partner

Hunting for a job in the greater Toronto area can be tough.  To help you wade through the many job postings, potential employers, and available positions, working with an experienced recruiter can be essential.  But how do you choose the best recruiter with whom to partner?

To pick a great recruiting partner, ask these questions:

What depth of experience does the recruiter have?

The right recruiter for you will have deep, continuing experience in your particular field.  If you’re looking for a position as a law clerk, paralegal or legal assistant, working with a recruiter who knows the legal community in your area will be essential.  Look for a recruiting firm with experience placing your professional colleagues in the types of positions you’re seeking on your career path.

How does the recruiter demonstrate a commitment to a long-term partnership?

Although your focus right now might be on taking your next career step, your recruiter should demonstrate an interest not only in your next step, but on your entire career path.  The best recruiters strive to develop long-term relationships with the candidates they place, helping you find a great job today and shape your career path for tomorrow.  Talk to potential recruiters about their long-term vision for your relationship, as well as to other professionals who work with the same potential recruiters.

How well does your recruiter communicate with you?

Recruiters have a wealth of interviewing experience, so leverage their expertise to your advantage!  To maximize your chances of choosing the right recruiter, practice your own interview skills on potential recruiters, asking them how often and for what reasons they contact job seekers, as well as how often you should contact them.  Top recruiters communicate with job candidates for many reasons: to check in, to recommend a particular job posting, to share and discuss job requirements or a particular company’s culture and history, and for many other reasons.

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