4 Headaches of Legal Hiring (and How to Fix Them)

“Painless hiring” sounds great, but it isn’t always the reality. Instead, law firms and legal departments often face one or more common “pain points” when seeking new talent. Here are four common challenges the legal hiring process can pose, along with effective ways to address each one: Recruiting Costs Many firms and departments first scrutinize… Read More »

Conducting Performance Reviews: How to Make It Count

A performance review is your chance to take a “long view” of the progress your legal support staff has made recently and to give specific, targeted feedback that employees can act upon immediately to improve performance. A great deal rides on performance reviews, but managers don’t have unlimited time in which to carry them out.… Read More »

How to Interview for Cultural Fit

Every hiring manager knows the importance of creating functional job descriptions that list the key tasks the person hired is supposed to perform.  However, fewer managers are aware of the importance of interviewing to find a good “cultural fit” as well. Every law firm and corporate legal department has its own internal culture: the set… Read More »

How to Pick a Great Recruiting Partner

Hunting for a job in the greater Toronto area can be tough.  To help you wade through the many job postings, potential employers, and available positions, working with an experienced recruiter can be essential.  But how do you choose the best recruiter with whom to partner? To pick a great recruiting partner, ask these questions:… Read More »

How to Find Qualified (Though Elusive) Top Talent

Law firms and legal departments in the greater Toronto area are facing an uphill battle.  Currently, the applicant pool for legal support staff is quite small, and the number of available jobs continues to outpace the number of qualified candidates.  As a result, firms seeking top legal support talent must hone their processes in order… Read More »