4 Headaches of Legal Hiring (and How to Fix Them)

“Painless hiring” sounds great, but it isn’t always the reality. Instead, law firms and legal departments often face one or more common “pain points” when seeking new talent.

Here are four common challenges the legal hiring process can pose, along with effective ways to address each one:

Recruiting Costs

Many firms and departments first scrutinize their hiring process when they see the costs associated with it, from lost productivity during the process itself to the cost of turnover due to a poor fit. Greater efficiency can often be found by working with a recruiting firm that can focus on specific challenges and reduce or eliminate them.

Hiring Speed

A lingering, lagging hiring process drains a legal office of productivity. Every day that passes with an open position in the office, the work assigned to that position is being put off or shifted onto other staff, who then must neglect some of their own duties to ensure the essentials are covered. A slow hiring process may also cost an organization good candidates who accept offers from other firms or departments first. Streamlining the hiring process can often be achieved by working with a recruiter to shift the burden of low-value tasks like resume sorting.

Inability to Find Talent

Even when your hiring process is quick and efficient, if only ill-fitting candidates apply, an organization will have trouble hiring anyone but ill-fitting candidates. To expand your reach and tailor your message to candidates who bring both the skills and cultural fit you need, work with an expert in this area, such as a professional recruiting firm.

Poor Talent Fit

Even when you find qualified, motivated candidates, these candidates may stay for only a few months or a year before quitting – leaving your organization scrambling for a replacement. Good candidate “fit” is as much about values and approach to work as it is about technical skill. When you work with a recruiter who can evaluate fit, you can focus on evaluating skill, maximizing your chances of choosing a candidate who will not only stay on the team, but boost existing team members’ engagement as well.

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