Don’t Settle for Hiring Mediocre Legal Support Talent! 3 Ways to Hire Smarter

Legal support staff play an essential role in the smooth running of a legal practice.  The right support staff can make your work much easier – and the wrong ones can make it more difficult. When choosing legal support team members, it pays to hire top talent.  Here are three ways to find the best… Read More »

Emotional Intelligence: How to Identify It in Legal Professionals

Legal professionals are “smart.” That’s the common perception of lawyers and legal support professionals, and it’s also a common feature in the profession: those who work on legal issues tend to be analytical, focused and persuasive. The popular emphasis on cognitive intelligence, however, tends to overlook an equally important form of “smarts”: emotional intelligence. Here,… Read More »

Want to Hit Your Career Goals? Don’t Forget About Passion

Legal support professionals face no shortage of advice on how to grow their careers. With so much information available, it’s easy to feel pulled in multiple directions – and even easier to lose sight of your passion. Yet passion is essential to career success. When you work in a role or an organization that specializes… Read More »

4 Headaches of Legal Hiring (and How to Fix Them)

“Painless hiring” sounds great, but it isn’t always the reality. Instead, law firms and legal departments often face one or more common “pain points” when seeking new talent. Here are four common challenges the legal hiring process can pose, along with effective ways to address each one: Recruiting Costs Many firms and departments first scrutinize… Read More »

How to Build Trust with New Legal Support Employees

A foundation of trust is vital to engagement and retention. Start out on the right foot with new employees and you can begin a long, mutually beneficial relationship. Consider these tips to build and maintain trust. Set expectations Employees should understand from the start what the parameters of their job are and how they will… Read More »

Hiring to Fill a Position vs. Hiring for Potential

When you launch a search for a legal support team member, it’s because you need the skills that a legal support staff member provides – and you need them now. It’s natural to focus on what the candidate can provide immediately. However, considering what the candidate can provide in terms of future growth can improve… Read More »

Using Onboarding to Increase Legal Support Retention Rates

One of the largest expenses for employers is employee turnover. In the legal industry the impact can be even greater. With the specialized knowledge required to work in a law firm, the learning curve for new employees is much steeper than in other industries. The right onboarding process could be the key to retaining your… Read More »