How to Build Trust with New Legal Support Employees

A foundation of trust is vital to engagement and retention. Start out on the right foot with new employees and you can begin a long, mutually beneficial relationship. Consider these tips to build and maintain trust.

Set expectations

Employees should understand from the start what the parameters of their job are and how they will be evaluated. There is nothing more frustrating for an employee than believing that they are doing a great job, only to find that they are wrong. When you give them an assignment, give clear instructions on what you need and provide a deadline.

Be transparent

Keep your people up to date on goings on in the firm. Share company goals and talk about how you’re doing in reaching them. Knowing that they are working toward a common goal gives people a sense of camaraderie. They will be eager to pitch in if they feel like part of the team. If things aren’t going well, don’t try to hide it. You would be surprised what employees notice. If they feel like you are not being frank with them, it erodes their trust in you and the organization.

Play fair

Avoid favoritism. Treat each of your employees equally. Some will have stronger skills than others, but sometimes you have to take a chance to allow people to grow. Don’t give all the plum assignments to one assistant and the busywork to another. Give everyone a chance to succeed.

Admit mistakes

Take responsibility when you should. Don’t blame others for a problem you caused or should have foreseen. By the same token, don’t hesitate to hold your employees accountable for their own mistakes. Seeing that you are able to address issues fairly can go far toward building trust.

Be nice

It’s really that simple. Don’t bark orders. Say please and thank you. Everyone deserves the same respect as your largest client. Employees who are treated with kindness will be eager to work hard for you. If they are always walking on eggshells to avoid a display of temper, it won’t be long before they look for new employment.

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