5 Tips for Advancing Your Real Estate Law Clerk Career in Toronto

Real estate law clerks shoulder many responsibilities, from handling documentation to answering clients’ questions and investigating their concerns.  If you’re looking to advance in your career as a real estate law clerk, here are five ways to do just that:

  1. Reach out. Ask around to see if your skills can be of use in other departments or practice areas. Real estate law overlaps with a number of other legal topics, including trusts and estates, and torts.  By expanding your reach, you’ll build your network and your knowledge as well – and you may just make yourself indispensable. Connect with your recruiter on LinkedIn so you can be the first to see any new positions they post.
  2. Consider specializing. Although real estate law clerks already focus on a single practice area, there are many ways to specialize within that area. You may focus on a particular issue of real estate law, such as title searches or adverse possession.  Or you can specialize in particular types of software, like Conveyancer or PCLaw.
  3. Look at contract work. Temporary or contract positions give you the chance to learn about new employers, take on specialized projects, and learn rapidly, all while being paid to explore your options. Consider temporary or contract positions that focus on a skill or topic you want to develop.
  4. Check out the job postings. Who else is hiring real estate law clerks in the Toronto area? What are their requirements?  After you check the job postings, use LinkedIn to find other law clerks who have worked with the same organization.  Check to see whether they’ve advanced in their careers with that organization – or if there is a pattern of law clerks leaving to find other opportunities. This is great information to arm yourself with when you apply for a position with your recruiting partner.
  5. Work with a recruiter. Partnering with a recruiter is the number one way to advance in your law clerk career. A recruiter who specializes in placing real estate law clerks in the Toronto area can help you examine your options; brainstorm ways to advance your career; and find an employer who will help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.

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