Legal Support Hiring Costs Soaring Out of Control? Here’s What to Do.

Legal support staff are essential to the smooth functioning of any law office.  As hiring the best talent becomes more competitive, however, an organization that doesn’t pay close attention to the bottom line may start to see its hiring costs expand in an unsustainable direction.

Sound familiar?  Here are several steps you can take to reduce the cost of hiring high-quality legal support staff:

Improve your targeting.

Where does the best legal support talent go to stay “up to speed” on news about their profession, including information and postings about the latest jobs?  If you aren’t part of this conversation, you may be wasting time, money, and effort.  Talk to your recruiter about the best ways to target the type of legal support professionals you’re looking for.  Remember to focus not only on skills and experience, but also on the personalities that will “fit” best with your current workplace culture.

Streamline the hiring process.

The longer the hiring process drags on, the more it costs.  The wages spent to pay managers to focus on hiring, the lost productivity from diverting their attention from other tasks, and the productivity lost when a legal support position stays vacant all add to the expense.  By shortening the time to hire, you can cut down on these losses – and improve the chances that your top choice will stay “in the running” long enough to accept a job offer.  Your staffing partner can help you reduce time to hire.

Work with a recruiter.

Staffing firms specialize in finding ways to keep their clients’ hiring costs down, while still providing access to the highly experienced and knowledgeable staff members their clients need.  Your recruiter can take on many of the tasks in the hiring process, allowing your staff to focus on more pressing matters.  They can also help you reduce time to hire and improve onboarding, allowing your new staff to contribute more quickly.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters specialize in connecting our clients with the best legal support talent in the greater Toronto areaContact us today for help in controlling hiring costs without reducing the quality of your talent.

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