Promoting Diversity in Your Legal Department

As an organization grows and its legal department expands, a need for diverse viewpoints becomes ever more important to the organization’s ability to spot, prevent or address legal issues. As a result, department heads and human resources teams often work to foster diversity in the legal department. Use the following tips to build diversity within… Read More »

How Would Your Employees Rate Your Management Skills? See If You Pass the Test.

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Don’t Settle for Hiring Mediocre Legal Support Talent! 3 Ways to Hire Smarter

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4 Signs of a Great Legal Support Recruiter in Toronto

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How to Discuss Your Experience During a Job Interview

When you’re seeking a new position as a legal support professional, it’s important to showcase your past experience and demonstrate how it will help a law firm, legal department or other organization to succeed.  To do this, think about how you talk about your work experience during a job interview. Here’s how to prepare for… Read More »

What Attracts Top Legal Support Talent in Toronto?

Finding good legal support talent can be tough. Attracting the best professional talent available can seem even more impossible – especially if your organization is small or your recruiting budget is limited. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for mediocre staff. By working with a recruiter who specializes in placing legal support talent, you can… Read More »

How to Find and Hire the Best Legal Support Staff in Toronto

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Legal Support Hiring Costs Soaring Out of Control? Here’s What to Do.

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Feeling Dissatisfied in your Legal Support Career? Here’s What to Do

Working as a legal support professional can be challenging, thought-provoking, and even fulfilling. But if you’re finding it harder and harder to walk into work every day, it may be time to rethink your career approach. Here’s how. Ask yourself, “Why did I choose this career?” Start your evaluation by remembering why you chose legal… Read More »

Employee Turnover: How Much Is It Costing Your Organization?

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