4 Signs of a Great Legal Support Recruiter in Toronto

When you need a new legal support team member, you don’t need “just anyone.”  You need an experienced candidate with the skills, work ethic, and personality to fit well with your team – and you need a recruiter who can help you find those candidates within your hiring budget.

Here are four signs you’ve found a great legal support recruiting firm:

  1. They listen. At first, it may seem as though your recruiter is asking an avalanche of questions. Take heart!  The more your recruiter knows about your organization, its goals, and its past hiring successes and failures, the better your recruiter can match you with legal support talent that will help you improve in the short and long term.  Don’t hesitate to contact your recruiter – the best staffing firms are always willing to listen.
  2. They focus on the Toronto area. A legal support recruiter with a province-wide or even nationwide reach may boast a bigger hiring pool – but they are unlikely to know all their candidates well, and they are even less likely to be aware of the particular challenges you face in the Toronto area. A legal support recruiter with a narrower geographic focus can offer better support and more flexible, creative ideas for addressing your staffing needs.
  3. They’re receptive to feedback. Are you confused about the staffing plan? Was the last candidate recommended to you simply a poor fit?  Pick up the phone and contact your legal support recruiter – and watch their response.  The best legal support staffing firms accept feedback graciously and integrate it, so that the results improve.
  4. They’re creative. Recruiters do more than merely match candidates to employers. They also think strategically and can help you implement long-term staffing plans that ensure you’ll have the top-quality candidates you need when you need them.  Look for a recruiter who thinks creatively about the particular challenges and opportunities facing your organization, and who can provide essential perspective on the industry as a whole.

At Kent Legal, our experienced recruiters strive to provide outstanding services to each of our clients, based on your particular needs, goals, and organization’s culture.  Contact us today to learn more about our legal support recruiting services.

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