Is Your Compensation Helping or Hurting Your Recruiting Efforts in Toronto?

Compensation often poses a tough question for hiring managers. Too high, and you risk injuring your budget; too low, and you won’t attract the candidates your team needs to thrive.

Fortunately, finding the balance in compensation is possible. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your compensation for legal support staff is helping your recruiting efforts – not hurting them.

It’s not always about salary.

For the best legal support professionals, salary is the start of a compensation conversation, not the end. These staff know their value, and they’re interested in employers that offer the best overall support for that value – which doesn’t always translate to the highest dollar amount.

Instead, determine the total value of every form of compensation, including salary, insurance, retirement and other benefits. Make sure this number is competitive with the firms whose staff quality you wish to emulate. Your recruiter has the data you need.

The best nontraditional benefits support your organization’s culture.

Nontraditional benefits are a terrific way to attract top legal support talent, since they demonstrate a keen interest in further skill development and work-life balance – two factors that matter to top performers.

Also, many nontraditional benefits are relatively inexpensive to implement. Consider your organization’s culture and look for nontraditional benefits that support it. For instance, if your teams often work “in their own corners,” a robust remote-work option may be a good fit. Teams that collaborate regularly might benefit from weekly catered lunches or group wellness options.

Selling compensation is as important as crafting it.

Even the best compensation package won’t attract top candidates if no one knows you have it. Incorporate your organization’s compensation structure into your employment branding, and make sure applicants know which “highlights” in compensation set you apart from competing law firms and legal departments. Your recruiter can help you ensure you communicate the power of your compensation package effectively to top candidates.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters can help you ensure your compensation is competitive and you’re communicating its value to the best legal support candidates in the greater Toronto area. Contact us today to learn more.

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