Not All Recruiters Are Created Equal: 5 Traits to Look for in a Legal Support Recruiting Firm

Partnering with a staffing firm can pay off – but only if you partner with the right staffing firm.  When you choose the right recruiter, they become an ally and a resource who can help you hire more efficiently, find better candidates, and reach your long-term organizational goals.

Here are five traits to look for in a legal support recruiting firm:

Focus on the Industry

Does the recruiting firm offer “general” recruiting services, or do they recruit for organizations seeking legal support talent in particular?  The better your staffing partner’s focus on your industry and needs, the more likely it is they will have the depth of knowledge required to help your organization thrive.

Local or Regional “Reach”

Recruiting firms that claim a province-wide or nationwide reach sound good in theory.  In practice, they are often spread too thin.  They simply don’t have the time or focus to develop a sound inside knowledge of the field in your area, or to make connections with the best local talent.  Choose a recruiter who focuses on a single city, metropolitan area or region, such as Toronto and surrounding cities.


When you call your recruiting firm, who answers the phone?  How long does it take the recruiter to respond to emails or voicemails?  The better your communication with your staffing partner, the easier it is to build a relationship that will pay off in better candidates and sound advice.  Choose a recruiter who communicates at a pace that works for you.

Candidate Connections

The best staffing firms understand that their work is to build and maintain an extensive web of relationships – and they strive to do just that, from meeting new candidates in the legal support field to staying in touch with “passive candidates” who are currently working, but who would be open to a new job offer if the fit was right.

Proven Track Record of Success

Even the best-sounding recruiting firm on paper won’t be of much value to your organization unless they can find the right candidates for you.  Look for recruiters with a track record of success in matching legal support talent to their clients’ particular needs and organizational culture.

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