Looking for a Litigation Assistant Job? Here’s What to Do

Working as a litigation assistant can be challenging, interesting and highly rewarding.  To land a job in this competitive field, you’ll need to focus your job search on finding a position that suits your skills with an organization that supports your goals and approach to work.  Here’s what we recommend.

Learn about different types of litigation practices.

Not all litigation practices are the same, and neither are all litigation assistant jobs.  Do you prefer a fast-paced, highly competitive environment?  Or would you rather work in a smaller firm or organization, where you spend more “one-on-one” time with your team’s clients?  Does the courtroom appeal to you, or do you want to focus your skills on alternative forms of dispute resolution that both prepare for and seek to avoid the necessity of trial?

Research various types of litigation practices so you know where you want to go. Then, let your recruiter know, so they can help you find the job openings that best match your desired outcomes.

Update your resume.

What is your most recent professional accomplishment?  How does it use the skills and abilities a good litigation assistant requires?  Regularly update your resume so it showcases what you’ve achieved most recently.  If you’re currently between jobs, use volunteer opportunities, school projects or personal projects to demonstrate your ongoing achievements and willingness to put your skills to work.

Diversify your job-search methods.

If you always look at the same job boards and want ads, you’ll always see the same employers and the same types of jobs.  Instead, diversify your job search by changing it up every day.  For instance, on Monday, you might check the want ads.  On Tuesday, you might browse LinkedIn.  On Wednesday, you might schedule a lunch or coffee chat with someone in your professional network.

Whenever possible, sign up for job alerts on a job board – starting with your recruiter’s job board.  This way, you’ll always know when a new job is posted, so you can get your application in to promising openings as soon as possible.

Work with a recruiter.

Your recruiter has connections with some of the best litigation practices in Toronto.  They’re a great source of inside knowledge about litigation assistant jobs and careers, and they can help connect you personally to employers and open positions.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters can help you find great litigation assistant job openings throughout the greater Toronto area.  We’ll also help connect you with the organizations that offer the best fit for your work approach and career goals.  Contact us today to learn more.

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