What Do You Need to Include on Your Legal Support Resume?

Your resume is your first impression on employers. It offers a quick overview of your skills and experience. The ideal resume will establish your credibility, set you apart from other candidates, and intrigue a hiring manager enough to encourage them to call you for an interview. That’s a lot of work for one resume to… Read More »

The Millennial Guide to Connecting With Older Co-Workers

For millennial workers entering the workforce, or taking over leadership roles, connecting with more experienced co-workers can be difficult. As a legal support professional, you’re working with people of your parents’ generation and it can be difficult to relate to them as peers. Here are some tips to help you overcome this challenge. Don’t make… Read More »

4 Things Nobody Tells You About Applying for a Legal Support Position

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6 Habits to Adopt When Starting a New Legal Support Position

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Looking for a Litigation Assistant Job? Here’s What to Do

Working as a litigation assistant can be challenging, interesting and highly rewarding.  To land a job in this competitive field, you’ll need to focus your job search on finding a position that suits your skills with an organization that supports your goals and approach to work.  Here’s what we recommend. Learn about different types of… Read More »

Five Essential Leadership Qualities in High Demand (and How to Develop Those Skills)

Leadership is best thought of not as a single skill, but as a bundle of skills, all of which can be learned and improved upon. Here are five skills that are essential to leadership and how to improve upon them in your own career. Communication An ineffective communicator can never make an effective leader. To… Read More »

Keep Applying but No Response? Here’s What You Can Do

Perhaps you’ve been on the legal support job hunt for a while. You keep sending out resumes, following up to ensure they arrived, and waiting to hear whether you’ve landed an interview … yet you hear nothing. Why are you getting radio silence? Here are some of the most common reasons: You weren’t the right… Read More »

6 Ways to Take Control of Your Work Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance in the legal field can be tough.  Deadlines are an everyday reality, clients need your time and attention, and there is always one more thing you could strike off the to-do list before going to bed for the night. But if you don’t find a good work-life balance, your quality of… Read More »

Legal Support Job Interview? 6 Tips to Help You Make a Great First Impression

Here it is: your interview with a great law firm or legal department for a position as a legal support professional.  Your job is to stand out from the crowd by demonstrating just how much you have to offer. When you’re out to make a great impression, it helps to start on the right foot. … Read More »

6 Habits to Adopt to Advance Your Legal Support Career

Everyone is busy. You have a lot to do, both in and out of the office, and it’s tempting to just put your head down and get your job done. But that’s not always the best practice. You need to step back and take some time to make sure you are thinking about the picture.… Read More »