What Do You Need to Include on Your Legal Support Resume?

Your resume is your first impression on employers. It offers a quick overview of your skills and experience. The ideal resume will establish your credibility, set you apart from other candidates, and intrigue a hiring manager enough to encourage them to call you for an interview.

That’s a lot of work for one resume to do! To succeed, your legal support resume should include the following features:

  1. A Clear, Organized, and Easy to Read Format

The best resumes draw the reader’s eye straight to the most important pieces of information while leaving all non-important information off the page entirely. To do this, they use several similar features, including bullet points, easy to read fonts, and strategically-placed white space.

To improve your resume’s chances of standing out, have one or more trustworthy friends or colleagues read it over. Ask them to note where their eyes are drawn first, and ask for advice on improving the overall flow of the document.

  1. Key Accomplishments Relevant to the Job You Want

Many job-seekers list their past jobs, then include their primary job duties under each heading. Do the same, and your resume will look just like everyone else’s.

A list of job duties tells a hiring manager what you were expected to do, but it says nothing about what you did. Instead of listing duties, list two or three big accomplishments that you achieved while in the job. Choose accomplishments that are relevant to the legal support position you’re looking for today.

  1. Easy to Spot Contact Information

By the time the hiring manager’s eyes reach the bottom of your resume, you want the hiring manager to be so interested and impressed that they immediately seek out your phone number or email address.

Make it as easy as possible for them to find this information and contact you by placing it in an easy to spot location, in a readable font. Triple-check it for errors before you submit your resume.

Ready For the Next Step in Your Career?

At Kent Legal, our recruiters help legal support job-seekers connect to some of the best jobs and employers available in the greater Toronto area. For more information, contact us today.

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