Is Your Hiring Process Costing You Money?

Every moment you have a legal support position that isn’t filled your organization is losing money.  The person who should fill the position isn’t there to do productive work.  Essential tasks for that position are covered temporarily by other staff, who must sacrifice some of their own productive time to pitch in.  And management staff are busy seeking, screening and interviewing applicants, when they could be focused on more productive work.

To reduce the costs of hiring, you’ll need to pinpoint the places in the process where hiring costs you the most and work to improve them.  Working with an experienced staffing firm can help.

Begin by scrutinizing these common places in the hiring process where costs build up.  Then, talk to your recruiter about how you can improve.

Time to Hire

The longer a position stays open, the more it costs your organization.  A drawn-out hiring process can also lose candidates due to lack of interest, or more worryingly, employment by your competitors.  Recruiters frequently reduce time to hire by making candidate screening more effective and efficient.

Decision-Making Time

Even firms that work with a recruiter often find the time they gain in the beginning of the hiring process is lost at the end, when a final decision on the remaining candidates may be drawn out or postponed to attend to other tasks.  Decision-making time is one of the times you’re most likely to lose top candidates, so work on creating efficient deadlines, communicating them to candidates and sticking to them.

Radio Silence

Choosing a recruiter is only half the battle.  The other half is being responsive to your recruiter, so they can help your firm reduce costs and find better candidates.  When hiring managers aren’t responsive to recruiter’s questions or don’t provide feedback on candidates, the benefit of working with a staffing firm can easily be cut in half – all because one phone call or email wasn’t answered in a timely fashion.

At Kent Legal, our Toronto-based legal support recruiters can help your firm improve the efficiency of your hiring process, allowing you to find better legal support staff with less time, money, and effort spent on the pursuit.  Contact us today to learn more about our legal recruitment services in Toronto.

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