Can’t Fill a Legal Support Position? These Might Be the Reasons Why (and What You Can Do)

Finding top talent in a competitive market is always difficult. If your organization is struggling to find the legal support staff member you need for a position, you can change your tactics to increase your chances of success.

Here’s why you might be missing the right person for the job—and how to change that:

You’re looking in the wrong places.

Where do qualified legal support professionals look for jobs? Where do they congregate to share leads? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, chances are good you’re not posting your job openings in these places. Your recruiter can help you ensure your message gets to the right audience.

You’re not leveraging your network.

Employee referrals are the most powerful source of top candidates who offer a great fit with your organization, but if your referral system is informal (or worse, nonexistent), you’re missing an extraordinary resource. Reaching out to people in your own professional network, including your staffing partner, is a great way to pick up leads for qualified talent.

You’re not competitive.

Your organization may be extraordinarily competitive within the areas of law you practice or with the types of clients you prefer. If your salary and benefits offerings aren’t competitive with similar organizations, top candidates will slip right through your fingers—and accept offers from competing firms. Gather compensation data by speaking with your recruiting firm. They have years of legal-specific salary data and can help you to ensure you’re making a competitive offer.

Your organization has no identity.

What is your firm’s mission? Its key values? Its culture? When you can clearly articulate these, you can communicate this vision to prospective legal support employees, building connections and inspiring the highly motivated to join your team. Building a strong company culture and employment brand also helps you to attract candidates who offer the best cultural fit for the team—and to encourage those who won’t thrive in your workplace to look elsewhere.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters focus on connecting our clients with the best available legal support talent in the Toronto area. If you’re having trouble finding the right person for the job, contact us today.

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