7 Job-Search Mistakes to Avoid If You Are Currently Employed

Many legal assistant job seekers start looking for a new job without leaving their current job. While this procedure isn’t uncommon, it is important to avoid several common mistakes to ensure your job search doesn’t turn into a conflict—or worse, leave you unintentionally unemployed.

Here are seven common mistakes to avoid and what to do instead:

Don’t: Use your work time to search.
Instead: Schedule time outside your job to work on your search.

It can be very tempting to use your workplace’s internet connection, phone lines, mail service and similar tools to work on your job search. Doing so, however, can be a serious ethics violation. Instead, schedule a few hours a day to work on your search outside the office.

Don’t: Talk about your search with (or near) work friends.
Instead: Practice confidentiality.

You practice confidentiality with your organization’s clients; apply those same principles to your job search. Talk about it only with your recruiter or others you trust. Don’t talk about it at work, and don’t post about it to social media, lest the news get back to your boss before you intend it to.

Don’t: Use work time to attend interviews.
Instead: Schedule interviews on your days off.

Never use work time to attend an interview. Instead, schedule interviews on vacation days or at times you’re not expected to be on the clock. Your recruiter can help you schedule interviews around your regular workday.

Don’t: Update LinkedIn all at once.
Instead: Update gradually over several days or weeks.

Gradual LinkedIn updates have two benefits. First, it’s less likely your co-workers will notice the updates (which can lead to awkward questions). Second, gradual updates cause LinkedIn to read you as more “active” and to push your profile toward the top of employer and recruiter searches. Win-win.

Don’t: Slack off at work.
Instead: Renew your engagement.

It’s tempting to do the bare minimum when you’re looking for a new job, but avoid this temptation. Instead, offer to contribute to a project outside your regular work. You’ll impress potential employers and help ensure you get glowing references from your current employer if you need them.

Don’t: Rely on your current employment to “sell” you to a new employer.
Instead: Focus your application and interview answers on your recent accomplishments.

Interviewers will be looking for evidence you’re the right fit for their organization and you bring valuable skills to the table. Showcase these by talking about recent accomplishments that highlight your strengths.

Don’t: Go it alone.
Instead: Work with a recruiter.

A staffing partner can keep your job search confidential and connect you to jobs and employers that fit your goals. Let your recruiter seek out job openings while you focus on work.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters can help you connect with some of the best legal support professional job openings and employers in the Toronto area. Contact us today to learn more.

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