6 Podcasts That Will Inspire You to Become a Better Leader

Podcasts are a great way to learn about creative leadership strategies that others have tested and proven. Since many podcasts are quite short, you can enjoy them during brief breaks in your day, such as while you’re commuting or at the gym.

Here are six podcasts that offer outstanding insights for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills:

  1. Dov Baron, “Leadership and Loyalty”

In “Leadership and Loyalty,” Dov Baron helps leaders understand the emotional toll that leadership can take on those in charge. He explores methods for leaders to understand their purpose and align their work with their lives in a more holistic and fulfilling way.

  1. Richard Rierson, “Dose of Leadership”

If you’ve ever wanted to pick the brains of the world’s top leaders, “Dose of Leadership” allows you to do just that. In each episode, Richard Rierson interviews leaders from a vast range of fields, including business, the military and various faiths. Rierson and his guests offer tips for leaders on how to develop their own skills and support the growth of their organizations.

  1. Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner, “The Nice Guys on Business”

Sandler and Bonner invite thought leaders from various industries to discuss leadership on “The Nice Guys on Business.” The podcast focuses on ways to identify and emphasize core values like integrity, trust and relationship-building, then leverage these values to grow your business.

  1. Andy Paul, “Accelerate”

Many of the best leadership lessons come from failure. On “Accelerate,” Andy Paul uses his own early experiences of failure in sales, along with the failures of his guests, to explore how he and others turned their teams around and built success.

  1. Jesse Lahey, “Engaging Leader”

In “Engaging Leader,” Jesse Lahey focuses on communication and its essential role in leadership. Lahey and guests break down specific, concrete tactics that leaders can use in order to improve communication and achieve certain goals, such as increased productivity.

  1. Dave Stachowiak, “Coaching for Leaders”

How many people are born leaders? Dave Stachowiak thinks the answer is “zero.” In “Coaching for Leaders,” Stachowiak starts from the principle that leadership is a skill everyone can learn. Topics include understanding leadership basics, leading by example and how to inspire those you lead to give their best.

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