Advance Your Legal Support Career With In Demand Tech Skills

Tech skills haven’t traditionally been associated with the legal support field. As technological tools become available in every career field, however, legal support professionals with tech skills gain an opportunity to stand out from their peers and add more value to their teams.

To improve your career standing, focus on these tech skills:

  1. Online research

Research, always a key skill for legal support professionals, is increasingly relying on the use of technological tools rather than traditional books and papers. By gaining skill with online databases, free tools like Google Scholar, and similar tech aids, legal support professionals can expand their ability to access, sort, analyze and present information more efficiently.

In addition, learning how to use software platforms and databases specific to the profession can help legal support staff bolster their research skills and stay on top of emerging trends in digital tools and data analysis.

  1. Data analysis

“Big Data” has made big news in a number of fields, and the legal field is starting to see the benefits of understanding data analysis questions as well. Tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing are all making it easier for humans to use technology to analyze massive data sets.

In the legal field, these tools show promise in tasks like discovery, where teams must wade through thousands or even millions of documents in search of the handful that are crucial to a particular case. Legal support professionals who understand today’s data analysis tools can help incorporate them into the team’s work – and make themselves indispensable as the intermediary between the tool and the team.

  1. Multimedia conferencing

Internet connectivity and improved data transmission abilities have made it easier for people to communicate across the globe. But few things are more frustrating than conferencing software that just won’t work at a crucial moment.

By understanding the basics of the hardware and software, legal support professionals can save the day. You don’t have to be an expert, but knowing just a bit more than your co-workers do can help you ensure that video depositions, meetings and other events go smoothly.

Advance Your Legal Career in Toronto

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