Easy Tactics for Building Your Professional Confidence

You’ve worked hard to build your skills. You achieved past goals through dedication and perseverance. But how well are you communicating your professional abilities to colleagues and supervisors?

A confident persona in the workplace demonstrates that you know the value of your work. It tells others that you can be trusted to handle future projects with the same skill and dedication you applied to past projects.

If you’re having trouble expressing professional confidence at work, try these tips:

  1. Remind Yourself of Your Own Achievements.

Think back over your career. For each position you’ve held, list at least one concrete thing you achieved. Achievements may range from writing a particularly difficult brief to helping a client feel heard during a tough time. Choose the achievements that feel the most meaningful to you in each position.

Then, examine your list for patterns. Often, the achievements that are most meaningful are those that leverage our strengths or support our professional values. This exercise can help you determine who you are professionally, which will allow you to perform with greater confidence.

  1. Keep a Running List of Accomplishments.

In addition to looking at past achievements, keep a running list of projects and goals you complete in your current job. Whenever possible, include quantitative measurements to describe the achievements.

When you feel uncertain of your value or place at work, review this running list. Add to it consistently in order to gain a boost of confidence when you see the work you’ve already done. And don’t forget to bring the list with you to each performance review, so you can discuss your accomplishments with your supervisor.

  1. Seek Out Projects That Help You Build Further Confidence.

One of the best ways to build professional confidence is to work on projects that offer the right balance of tasks you already know well and tasks that require you to stretch or grow. Look for projects that help you develop particular skills or that make use of your existing strengths.

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