Can Being Bilingual Help Your Family Law Career?

The greater Toronto area is home to speakers of dozens of different languages. In this fast-paced, culturally diverse city, legal support professionals and lawyers who can speak more than one language may find themselves at an advantage when it comes to advancing their career.

Here’s How Being Bilingual or Multilingual Can Help Your Career in Family Law:

1. You Have a Better Understanding of Multiple Cultures

Family law often reaches into the realm of family, local, community and national culture. When you understand multiple languages, you can better understand the cultures that employ each language. You have a more nuanced understanding of how the users of each language communicate, and how certain words or phrasing choices operate in everyday conversation.

For instance, you may realize that in one of your known languages, demands are usually phrased as preferences due to the culture’s emphasis on politeness and not overstepping boundaries. This type of “insider knowledge” can help you better understand and help clients.

2. You Can Help Family Law Firms Expand Their Business

Family law firms are continually seeking to help their clients, and being able to work with clients who speak various languages is one way a family law firm can expand their ability to help. Having a legal support professional on staff who is bilingual allows these organizations to offer services to more people.

As a result, when you can state your fluency in two or more languages, family law firms see an opportunity to expand their business – which can make you a more attractive candidate.

3. You Can Serve As a Translator

People who speak multiple languages fluently are often asked to step in as translators, particularly when a family law client, witness or other interested party doesn’t share the same language as their lawyer. Your translation skills can help your team’s work go more smoothly, as you help your client and co-workers better understand one another.

Looking For A Change?

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