Can Being Bilingual Help Your Family Law Career?

The greater Toronto area is home to speakers of dozens of different languages. In this fast-paced, culturally diverse city, legal support professionals and lawyers who can speak more than one language may find themselves at an advantage when it comes to advancing their career. Here’s How Being Bilingual or Multilingual Can Help Your Career in… Read More »

Promoting Diversity in Your Legal Department

As an organization grows and its legal department expands, a need for diverse viewpoints becomes ever more important to the organization’s ability to spot, prevent or address legal issues. As a result, department heads and human resources teams often work to foster diversity in the legal department. Use the following tips to build diversity within… Read More »

4 Ways to Show Your Boss You’re Ready to Champion New Tasks

You know you do your job well. In fact, you do it so well it’s become a bit tedious. You’re ready for a new challenge – but how do you show your boss it’s time to give you more responsibility? Here are four ways to position yourself for new challenges: Engage your scholarly brain. Get… Read More »

Hone Your Creative Leadership Skills With These Three Tips

Creative leadership can help department heads and direct supervisors build communication, engagement and trust within their teams, but only when creativity is applied in practical, concrete ways. These three strategies can help leaders improve their ability to model creative leadership and provide the guidance their teams need. Focus on Personal Development Professional development is essential… Read More »

Don’t Settle for Hiring Mediocre Legal Support Talent! 3 Ways to Hire Smarter

Legal support staff play an essential role in the smooth running of a legal practice.  The right support staff can make your work much easier – and the wrong ones can make it more difficult. When choosing legal support team members, it pays to hire top talent.  Here are three ways to find the best… Read More »

Kent Legal Awarded Readers’ Choice Award by Canadian Lawyer Magazine for Legal Support Staffing

Kent Legal recently received a Readers’ Choice Award in staffing and outsourcing from Canadian Lawyer magazine. Now in their third year, the Readers’ Choice Awards allow Canadian Lawyer readers to vote for their most trusted vendors and suppliers in seven categories. Over 300 providers were listed on the ballot, which was distributed to over 2,000… Read More »

How to Evaluate a Potential Legal Support Recruiting Firm in Toronto

Finding good legal support staff can be tough.  You need someone with experience, strong knowledge and skills, and the personality and work ethic to mesh well with your existing team.  Turning to a recruiter can help – but how do you know which recruiting firm to choose? Improve your odds of finding the right people… Read More »

Hiring to Fill a Position vs. Hiring for Potential

When you launch a search for a legal support team member, it’s because you need the skills that a legal support staff member provides – and you need them now. It’s natural to focus on what the candidate can provide immediately. However, considering what the candidate can provide in terms of future growth can improve… Read More »

What Should You Do If Your Best Candidate Rejects Your Salary Offer?

Finding a great legal support candidate isn’t easy. When you’ve found someone with the experience, skills, and personality to make a great addition to your team, you want them to accept your offer quickly. What do you do if their first response is “That’s not going to work for me”? A candidate rejecting your salary… Read More »

Can Fine-Tuning Your Tech Skills Advance Your Legal Support Career?

Tech skills are now essential for the best legal support staff. Technology has changed the practice of law in many ways, from expanding the number of practice areas in which law is disputed to changing the day- to-day tasks required for a firm or department to operate efficiently. Legal support staff with strong tech skills… Read More »