Best Ways You Can Search for a Job When You Already Have One

Even though you have a job in the legal field, it may not be ideal for you. Perhaps you’ve run out of growth opportunities with your new employer, or you simply don’t mesh with your team.

Whatever the reason, you may wish to start a job search without severing ties with your current employer. Here’s how to do so in an effective and ethical way.

  1. Search Outside Company Time

It is both unethical and risky to search job listings, overhaul your LinkedIn profile, or contact prospective employers at work. Many companies track computer and phone usage, and if you’re caught, the consequences could derail your job search.

Instead, schedule your searches to fall outside your work hours. When possible, go to interviews during non-work hours or schedule a personal day to attend interviews.

  1. Keep Up the Pace at Work.

Slacking on your work will signal to your employers that something is wrong. It can also reflect badly on you should you ask your current employer for a reference in the future.

Instead, focus on maintaining the quality of your work in your current position. You’ll gain more high-quality recent experience to show to new employers, and you’ll maintain your relationship with your current employer, which may prove useful later.

  1. Ask For Confidentiality.

Naturally, a new employer will want to talk to your current boss for their perspective on your work. This can feel like a Catch-22: If you use your boss for a reference, you tip them off that you’re looking for another job.

Instead, ask the hiring manager not to contact your current employer. Instead, offer a list of colleagues and previous supervisors who can provide a similar perspective on your work.

  1. Ask For Outside Help.

When you work with a recruiter, you gain an ally who understands the need for discretion during your job search. Your recruiter can take on tasks like finding job openings that meet your needs while you focus on doing the best work you can in your current position.

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