How to Attract Good Legal Assistants When Unemployment Is Low

When unemployment is low, many of the best candidates are already employed in jobs they love. Yet the need to fill open legal assistant positions doesn’t go away.

Here’s how hiring managers can find candidates in out of the ordinary places, attracting the talent they need without sacrificing quality.

  1. Make it easy to apply and interview.

The best legal assistant candidates are often considering multiple offers in a tight hiring market. To give them a positive experience of your organization and get out in front of competitors, you’ll need to make the hiring process as frictionless as possible.

Focus on reducing the number of hurdles candidates must clear during the recruitment process. For instance, you may choose to use video or telephone for a preliminary interview instead of having the candidate travel to your office. Text messages can make communications easier, especially if the candidate is already at work. Or work with a recruiter who can take on tasks like checking references, while you focus on getting to know the candidate.

  1. Embrace passive candidates.

“Passive” candidates are usually anything but. They’re typically hard at work for another law firm or legal department. While they aren’t actively looking for a new job, they’re open to offers, especially from an employer who offers a better work environment, more challenges or better compensation.

Focus on reaching passive candidates through a strong employer brand and engagement in professional conferences and other venues where these professionals gather. They offer opportunities to find the legal assistants you need, even in a tight hiring market.

  1. Work with a recruiter.

Staffing firms specialize in maintaining relationships, even when the candidates they place are already on the job. If you need a new legal assistant, the chances are good that your recruiter has several names in mind – including those of passive candidates you might otherwise overlook.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters focus on connecting law firms and legal departments in the greater Toronto area to some of the best legal support talent available – even when unemployment is low. Contact us today to learn more.

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