Grow Your Career: The Most In-Demand Skills in the Legal Industry Today

The legal industry continues to evolve, along with the legal and regulatory landscape. Today’s legal professionals need skill sets that were optional or unknown ten years ago, in addition to the skills that have always served those who work in the law.

Here are some of the most in-demand skills in law today.

  1. Oral and Written Communication Skills

These skills have always been in high demand among legal industry professionals. Legal assistants and lawyers alike are required to communicate logically, clearly, and concisely to inform, persuade, and advocate.

Practice these skills by taking public speaking or writing classes, volunteering for projects that require persuasive speaking or writing, or by pursuing your speaking and writing projects, such as blogging or teaching.

  1. Analytical Reasoning

Demand for analytical reasoning skills is growing in nearly every industry, as computers take on lower-value tasks like locating particular documents or checking grammar. While artificial intelligence can do many simple tasks, it still cannot analyze and reason the way humans do.

For legal professionals, the ability to make intelligence inferences and logical connections from complex information is extremely valuable. Build these skills with puzzles, games, or classes that focus on inductive and deductive reasoning.

  1. Tech Skills

Technology is changing rapidly, not only in the legal profession but elsewhere as well. Twenty years ago, workers needed experience in particular applications; today, a far more valuable skill is the ability to quickly learn new software and other technologies.

Practice re-skilling in the tech field by using existing applications and tools mindfully. Pay attention to what they have in common, and practice seeking out information on how to use them. Doing so will prepare you for changes in technology by teaching you how to learn a new piece of hardware or software quickly.

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