The Importance of a Planned Interview Process

Just as a law firm or legal department would not carry out a litigation process without planning ahead, so should the firm or department avoid carrying out a hiring process without planning ahead. By first identifying the type of candidate who will “fit” well with the organization and who has the skills to succeed on… Read More »

How to Avoid Four Common Legal Support Recruiting Problems

Finding the legal support staff you need can be tough. An incomplete, confused, or neglected hiring process only complicates the matter, missing top talent in the candidate pool or allowing the best applicants to slip through your hiring manager’s fingers. If you’re facing any of these four common problems in hiring qualified legal support staff,… Read More »

Five Common Job Search Problems (And How to Overcome Them)

Most experienced job seekers know not to make the most obvious mistakes, like letting typos slide on a resume or pausing during an interview to take a phone call. But even experienced job seekers can make mistakes that may cost them a job offer. If you’re searching for a job in the legal support field,… Read More »

Three Things You Are Doing That Cause Top Talent to Walk Away

Working with the right legal support recruiting firm can improve your exposure to top talent, increasing the chances that these superstar support staff will apply when your law firm or legal department needs to fill an open position. But when you work with a recruiting firm, the best results rely on your communication with your… Read More »

Law Clerk? How to Write a Resume That Will Get You Hired!

Law clerks and other legal support staff in Ontario put in years of schooling and considerable effort to develop and maintain their professional skills. When you’re looking for a position as a law clerk, you want your skills and knowledge to stand out to employers – not to be buried in awkward verbiage or lost… Read More »

Congratulations on the New Job! 4 Tips to Help You Resign With Dignity

Congratulations! You’ve found the legal support position you’ve been dreaming of. Now, it’s time to inform your current boss and co-workers that they are about to become your former boss and co-workers. How can you navigate this often awkward conversation with dignity and grace that will preserve your professional connections at your former employer and… Read More »

Conducting Performance Reviews: How to Make It Count

A performance review is your chance to take a “long view” of the progress your legal support staff has made recently and to give specific, targeted feedback that employees can act upon immediately to improve performance. A great deal rides on performance reviews, but managers don’t have unlimited time in which to carry them out.… Read More »

Legal Support Professional? Why You Need to Brush Up On Your IT Skills

The legal profession is notorious when it comes to slow adoption of new technologies. In many law firms and corporate legal departments, legal support staff lead the way in the adoption and use of technology, finding it essential for the research, writing, and case management work they do. If the legal field tends to be… Read More »

Do You Know What is Being Done With Your Resume?

When you’re looking for a legal support position, you leave no stone unturned. Often, this means submitting your resume whenever a job posting looks promising and seeking the help of recruiting firms to help you find the right employer. If you scatter your resume too broadly, however, you may be doing yourself more harm than… Read More »

The Predicament of a Top Applicant Who Interviewed Poorly

Finding a great legal support candidate is a bit like finding a hidden treasure: the same delight and excitement, the same high hopes for the future. And when a great candidate interviews poorly, the disappointment can be as strong as discovering that a supposed treasure is actually worth little. Even the best applicants may have… Read More »