How Your Recruiter Can Help You Recruit (and Hire!) Better Talent

When recruiting talent isn’t your primary job, it’s difficult to perform it effectively. You know what positions you need to fill and what you need to accomplish, but how do you find and attract the best people for the job? Rethink The Job Posting Too many employers look at an open position and write a… Read More »

Four Steps to Evaluate Your Legal Support Recruiting Needs

Adding to your legal support team can relieve some of the burden on your current team, but how do you know where and when to bring on new full time or temporary people? Follow these four steps to ensure that you have the staff you require in place no matter what challenges your firm or… Read More »

How to Pick (and Prepare) Your References

Reference checking is normally the last step before an offer is extended. Don’t let all the hard work you have done finding a great job and impressing the employer come undone by choosing the wrong references, or not thinking through what sort of reference they can give. Choose the Right Reference If you are in… Read More »

When Recruiting Litigation Legal Assistants, What Traits Should You Look For?

Litigation is a process like no other. A team preparing for or participating in litigation must work together well, anticipate a vast range of potential problems, prepare for many eventualities that may or may not occur, and focus on keeping a client’s information confidential and the flow of the trial moving in the client’s favor.… Read More »

How to Build Loyalty and Increase Productivity

Loyalty and productivity go hand in hand. High employee turnover costs law firms, legal departments, and other organizations significant amounts of money. When employees leave, productivity also declines as work goes unfinished, employees scramble to cover the most urgent matters, and everyone wonders who will be hired next – or who will be next to… Read More »

Five Strategies for Connecting With New Co-Workers

Congratulations! You’ve found the legal support position you’ve been looking for. Now it’s time to prepare for the first day on the job – and for your first introduction to your new co-workers. Your co-workers can become your strongest allies during your first few weeks and months on the job. They can answer your questions,… Read More »

Is Your Company Suffering from Organizational Attention Deficit Disorder? How to Use Your Talent to Correct It.

People with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) know how hard it can be to focus. Every detail demands attention at once, and the “software” for deciding how to rank priorities and attending to them is on the blink. Like people, organizations can suffer from an inability to focus, prioritize, and attend effectively to urgent matters. Risk… Read More »

Employee Turnover: How Much Is It Costing Your Organization?

The costs of replacing legal support staff weigh heavily on the minds of hiring managers in law firms and legal departments. Finding the right person in a shrinking candidate pool can be tough; keeping them can be even tougher. What does it really cost to replace a legal support staff member? A 2008 article in… Read More »

Want a Great Recruiting Outcome? Then Open Up To Your Recruiting Partner!

Staffing firms can ease the burden of hiring, helping you find better legal support staff in less time. Even when you partner with a niche, local recruiting firm, however, the quality of the results depends on how well you communicate with your recruiting partner. For a great recruiting outcome, start talking! What does your recruiter… Read More »

Top Legal Assistant Interview Questions to Prepare For

Like other legal support professionals, legal assistants take on significant responsibilities on behalf of their law firm or legal department and its clients. Hiring managers who interview legal assistants want to be sure that their professional abilities, “soft skills,” and professional ethics are up to the job. Here are some of the most common types… Read More »