Hate Negotiating When Hiring Legal Support Professionals? We Can Help

Negotiating with top talent can be the toughest part of the hiring process – but it doesn’t have to be.  When you work with an experienced staffing firm, your recruiter can take on many of the tasks involved in the negotiating process, forging a smoother path from “I think this person will be a good fit” to “You start in two weeks.”

Here are some top concerns employers face during negotiations and how we can help:

Crafting a strong job description.

The job posting stands as the first step in a hiring negotiation.  You’re stating your terms: We want someone who will take on these tasks.  And you’re hoping the strongest candidates will accept those terms.

Your recruiter will find more people – and send you their resumes – by turning your job expectations into a compelling job posting that targets the skills and abilities you need in a way that “sells” the position to the best available candidates.

Building a compelling employment brand.

What does your employment brand have to do with negotiation?  Simply put, it’s the centerpiece to your ability to “sell” the job as a whole to the best talent available.  Without a compelling story, top talent won’t even send you a resume.

By putting this task in your recruiter’s hands, you can cross it off your own list, focusing on the day-to-day essentials without sacrificing talent.

Talking about compensation.

The discussion of salary and benefits is a standard part of the hiring process, yet many hiring managers dread it.  Finding the best candidate is only half the battle; the other half is convincing them to accept the compensation offered in order to work for you.

Your recruiter can smooth this path in a number of ways.  Staffing firms specialize in gathering data about compensation packages, so they can help you create one that is competitive, no matter your budget.  They can also help candidates compare total packages to see that your offer is the best on the table.

At Kent Legal, our recruiters help law firms and legal departments throughout the greater Toronto area find the top legal support candidates they need to thrive.  Contact us today to learn more our legal support recruitment solutions in Toronto.

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