New Job? Top Tips to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

Being the new person in the office is exciting, but it also presents a unique set of challenges. You face a steep learning curve at the same time you most want to fit in and to prove yourself as a legal support professional. Here are several best practices to craft a great first impression: Spend… Read More »

Top Strategies for Managing a Millennial Workforce

Millennials are taking over not only the desks in legal departments, but across the entire workforce. While they bring strengths and preferences unique to their generation, knowing how to manage them effectively can be a challenge. Consider these management strategies to work effectively with members of this generation. Who are the millennials? Typically, they are… Read More »

How Would Your Employees Rate Your Management Skills? See If You Pass the Test.

Many managers strive to improve their management and leadership skills, seeking out advice and education from other managers and professionals. One valuable, but often overlooked resource in the pursuit of improved management abilities is the perspective of those you manage or lead. If your employees were to rate you as a manager, how would you… Read More »

5 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Can’t Stand Your Current Job

Is your current job pushing the limits of your tolerance? Has it already passed them? If your job, co-workers, supervisors or responsibilities are more nightmare than dream, it may be time to seek a job that aligns better with your lifestyle and long-term goals. Here are five questions that can help you find the right… Read More »

2018 Toronto Legal Career Outlook

Although the legal field in Canada has seen some contraction in recent years, demand for legal support professionals remains high in the GTA, where booming business brings with it a demand for legal services. The government’s Job Bank website predicts that job openings in legal support fields, including paralegal and legal assistant positions, will outpace… Read More »

Quick-Start Guide to Writing an Great Legal Support Staffing Plan for 2017

The goal of a staffing plan is to ensure you have the right legal support talent in the right positions at the right time. It sounds straightforward enough. To get you off to a great staffing start in 2017, here are five quick steps to help you develop your plan. Evaluate your needs. Before you… Read More »

Five Strategies to Increase Productivity in Your Legal Department

In a legal department, the work is never done.  When pressing issues are addressed, there are emerging and “sleeping” issues to contend with.  As a result, the question of productivity and efficiency looms.  How can a legal department get more done in less time – and ensure everyone is focusing on the most important matters?… Read More »

How to (Professionally) Handle a Difficult Team Member

Legal support professionals need strong teamwork skills. On any project, they may consult both with other legal support staff and lawyers within their firm or department. They may also need to reach out to professionals in other fields, such as accountants, surveyors, or medical experts. Teamwork is key, and one difficult team member can make… Read More »

Hate Negotiating When Hiring Legal Support Professionals? We Can Help

Negotiating with top talent can be the toughest part of the hiring process – but it doesn’t have to be.  When you work with an experienced staffing firm, your recruiter can take on many of the tasks involved in the negotiating process, forging a smoother path from “I think this person will be a good… Read More »

Your Time Is Valuable! Why Partnering With a Legal Support Recruiter Will Free up Your Time

Legal practice managers juggle a host of different tasks: keeping staff on track, generating income, building the practice, training and development, and recruiting.  If it feels as though eight hours a day simply isn’t enough time to take care of the details, consider working with a recruiter. A staffing firm that focuses on connecting law… Read More »