When a Firm Across Town Is Beating You at Recruiting Top Talent, Here’s What to Do

“Thanks, but I’ve already accepted an offer with….”

If you’re hearing this comment from outstanding candidates again and again, or if you’re watching both the established leaders and the “rising stars” in the legal support field accept positions with competing firms, it’s time to adjust your strategy.

The difference between a good employee and a great one can change the trajectory of your organization—in all the right ways. Here’s how to level the playing field and gain access to the best talent.

Change How You Communicate with Candidates

If you’re missing some of the best candidates, you may be looking in the wrong places. Or your job postings may be disappearing into a stream of similar posts.

To stand out to top candidates (and encourage them to apply):

  • Focus on what’s in it for the candidate. The best legal support professionals know their value. They see their careers as an ongoing process, and they seek employers who challenge them and provide context for the value they provide. Communicate your commitment to these in your job postings to attract better candidates.
  • Include a success profile. What does success in the position look like? What results are achieved by the candidate performing their key duties, or using their essential skills? Focus on these results to encourage candidates passionate about success to apply.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Top candidates often disappear to other organizations because that offer is the first they receive. To avoid losing candidates to this mistake, streamline your hiring process. Schedule deadlines for reviewing applications, offering and performing interviews, and making final answers. At each stage, communicate these deadlines with candidates so they know what to expect and when. Your staffing partner can also make certain steps in the process more efficient, improving your time to hire.

Work with a Specialty Recruiter

Recruiters who specialize in connecting with legal support professionals focus their efforts on building relationships within this field. As a result, they know who the current top talent and “rising stars” are. They understand how to reach out to these candidates and what factors encourage them to respond. Work with a specialty recruiter to improve your chances of connecting with and hiring top talent before your competitors do.

At Kent Legal, we’re dedicated to helping our clients find the top legal support talent they need to meet their goals. To become the number one choice for outstanding candidates, talk to us today.

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