Yes, There Is a Perfect Legal Recruiter for You (and Here’s How to Find Them)

Working with a recruiter can help you polish your resume and interview skills, spot promising job openings and connect with employers who provide the opportunities you’re looking for. But you don’t have to settle for “just any” recruiting firm – and you shouldn’t stop looking until you find a recruiter who offers everything you want and need.

To maximize the value of your recruiting relationship and find better job opportunities faster, look for a legal recruiting firm that offers:

Specialization in the legal field.

Many recruiting firms boast of their wide reach. They cover a wide range of sectors, a substantial geographic area or other “broad” experience.

When you’re seeking your ideal job, however, you don’t want a recruiter who goes broad. You want one who goes deep.

Recruiters who specialize in legal recruiting within a constrained geographic area spend their time building strong relationships with every law firm and legal department they serve. They also have an extensive list of professional connections within that field, and they can introduce you to people who can help your career today and in the future.

A focus on your market.

In addition to focusing on the legal field, the best recruiter for you will be one who also understands the specific details, opportunities and obstacles present in your practice area or niche.

For instance, if you’re a legal support professional, choose a legal recruiting firm that focuses on connecting legal support professionals with similar experience to firms that use your experience.

A proven and ongoing track record of success.

Finally, choose a recruiter who has a history of connecting professionals like you with the types of jobs that interest you – and of making connections that resulted in lasting employment relationships.

While the history of placements is important, the history of lasting placements is equally important. This detail indicates how well the recruiter will consider your personal career goals and work approach before recommending employers. A recruiter with a history of making connections only to see the same person on the job market again six months later is not attending carefully to the details that make an employer-candidate match work in the long term.

At Kent Legal, we’re passionate about connecting legal support professionals to law firm and legal department job opportunities that align with their career goals. Contact us today to learn more about our Toronto legal support headhunting services.

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