Simple Tips to Improving Client Communication

Client communication is essential in the legal field. It correlates directly with client satisfaction and can have a profound impact on the outcome of a legal case.

Here are several ways to improve communication with clients:

  1. Understand That Communication is a Constant Process.

Communicating with clients doesn’t only happen when lawyers or staff members send an email, make a phone call, or attend an in-person meeting. While words are an important part of communication, nonverbal gestures like facial expressions and body position also “speak” to clients.

Silence can also be a form of communication, and often, it is not one that is interpreted favorably by clients. Clients who do not hear from their lawyers for an extended period may begin to feel angry, anxious or abandoned.

  1. Focus on Conscious Communication.

The best client communications are made with conscious awareness of the message itself and the emotions behind it. When verbal and nonverbal cues align, clients are more likely to fully hear and understand the information they receive.

Misaligned verbal and nonverbal cues, on the other hand, can damage the relationship between client and lawyer. For instance, if a client hears the frustration in a lawyer or legal support professional’s voice, the client may mistrust the services they are receiving.

  1. Standardized Communication Can Help Law Firms Keep the Lines Open.

A standardized intake form, engagement and fee agreement, and similar documents can help law firms gather all the necessary information at the start of a client relationship. Throughout the representation process, a standardized check-in format for emails or phone calls can make it easier to maintain these communications, giving clients the reassurance and information they need without overburdening staff.

  1. Hire For Communication Skills.

When choosing new legal support staff, prioritize hires with strong communication skills and a demonstrated commitment to keeping clients in the loop. These new additions to your team will help ensure clients have the information they need and will also contribute to a culture of clear, prompt communication.

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