Is Your Business’s Social Media Presence Costing You Good Candidates?

Candidates work hard to make a good first impression on a potential employer. What employers often overlook, however, is that candidates only put in this work when they have already developed a positive first impression of the employer.

The employer’s first impression initiates the relationship. Often, that first impression is determined by the employer’s social media presence.

Here’s how to offer a strong social media presence that encourages top candidates to send in their applications:

  1. Update Consistently.

Updating social media on a regular schedule helps your organization stay more relevant in search results. It also demonstrates that there’s activity going on behind the scenes of your business, and it offers a level of engagement that draws in interested candidates.

The best social media schedule for your law firm or legal department will depend on your internal schedule and culture. A consistent schedule, however, is better than sporadic posting.

  1. Build an Employment Brand.

Social media is one of the most powerful ways to tell the story you want to tell in the way you want to tell it.

Use social media sites and accounts to build your employment brand or persona. How do you want your organization to be seen by clients and candidates? What are your proudest accomplishments? Which achievements or daily tasks best underscore your firm’s values? Use these as the basis of every social media post.

  1. Answer Queries Promptly.

Social media has created an expectation of instant communication, which means that time to reply to comments or questions is now measured in minutes or hours instead of days. If you accept questions via social media, ensure they are answered promptly.

Turning off messaging and similar tools is also an option on many social media sites. If you choose this option, make your preferred communication route, such as email or phone, a prominent part of your social media account’s title or header text.

  1. Get an Outside Perspective.

Don’t hesitate to ask for an evaluation of your social media from a knowledgeable outside source. Your recruiter can tell you how candidates view your organization on social media and how to tailor your message to attract the talent you want.

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