Legal Support Professional? Why You Need to Brush Up On Your IT Skills

The legal profession is notorious when it comes to slow adoption of new technologies. In many law firms and corporate legal departments, legal support staff lead the way in the adoption and use of technology, finding it essential for the research, writing, and case management work they do. If the legal field tends to be… Read More »

Do You Know What is Being Done With Your Resume?

When you’re looking for a legal support position, you leave no stone unturned. Often, this means submitting your resume whenever a job posting looks promising and seeking the help of recruiting firms to help you find the right employer. If you scatter your resume too broadly, however, you may be doing yourself more harm than… Read More »

How to Spring Clean Your Resume

Spring is a great time to “clean” your resume the same way you would clean and declutter your house. The sunshine, fresh air, and growing plants offer the promise of growth and excitement, allowing us to look at our resumes with fresh eyes. Updating your resume regularly is a must, especially if you’re searching for… Read More »

Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk in Your Career

Walking the walk and talking the talk means building a long-term career strategy by presenting yourself professionally, even when you think it’s not important.  A successful legal support professional has cultivated an image that supports the skills, experience, and knowledge he or she has worked so hard to attain. As employers grow savvier in everything… Read More »

What’s Your Career Strategy?

Your career deserves at least as much planning as a vacation or a social event, but it’s easy to drift along without a plan, either remaining too long in a stagnant position or hopping from job to job with no clear end in mind. Just as companies create business plans to keep them on track,… Read More »

How to Pick a Great Recruiting Partner

Hunting for a job in the greater Toronto area can be tough.  To help you wade through the many job postings, potential employers, and available positions, working with an experienced recruiter can be essential.  But how do you choose the best recruiter with whom to partner? To pick a great recruiting partner, ask these questions:… Read More »