Is Your Company Suffering from Organizational Attention Deficit Disorder? How to Use Your Talent to Correct It.

People with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) know how hard it can be to focus. Every detail demands attention at once, and the “software” for deciding how to rank priorities and attending to them is on the blink. Like people, organizations can suffer from an inability to focus, prioritize, and attend effectively to urgent matters. Risk… Read More »

Employee Turnover: How Much Is It Costing Your Organization?

The costs of replacing legal support staff weigh heavily on the minds of hiring managers in law firms and legal departments. Finding the right person in a shrinking candidate pool can be tough; keeping them can be even tougher. What does it really cost to replace a legal support staff member? A 2008 article in… Read More »

How to Avoid Four Common Legal Support Recruiting Problems

Finding the legal support staff you need can be tough. An incomplete, confused, or neglected hiring process only complicates the matter, missing top talent in the candidate pool or allowing the best applicants to slip through your hiring manager’s fingers. If you’re facing any of these four common problems in hiring qualified legal support staff,… Read More »

Conducting Performance Reviews: How to Make It Count

A performance review is your chance to take a “long view” of the progress your legal support staff has made recently and to give specific, targeted feedback that employees can act upon immediately to improve performance. A great deal rides on performance reviews, but managers don’t have unlimited time in which to carry them out.… Read More »

Five Advantages to Partnering with a Niche Recruiting Firm

Choosing the best staffing firm for your organization may seem daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. Although law firms and legal departments vary considerably in their size, focus, workload, and cultures, they all share one need. Each organization must find the best possible employees in order to maximize productivity, reduce employee turnover, and… Read More »

What’s Holding You Back? Why You Need to Start a Workplace Mentoring Program Now

Ask any law firm or legal department hiring team why their workplace needs a mentoring program and you’ll hear a long list of benefits.  Mentoring programs bring new staff up to speed quickly; they build lasting connections among co-workers; and they encourage teamwork and problem solving. But ask the same hiring managers whether their organization… Read More »