How to Avoid Four Common Legal Support Recruiting Problems

Finding the legal support staff you need can be tough. An incomplete, confused, or neglected hiring process only complicates the matter, missing top talent in the candidate pool or allowing the best applicants to slip through your hiring manager’s fingers. If you’re facing any of these four common problems in hiring qualified legal support staff,… Read More »

Three Things You Are Doing That Cause Top Talent to Walk Away

Working with the right legal support recruiting firm can improve your exposure to top talent, increasing the chances that these superstar support staff will apply when your law firm or legal department needs to fill an open position. But when you work with a recruiting firm, the best results rely on your communication with your… Read More »

Need Legal Support Talent? Don’t Outsource – Instead, Insource!

Outsourcing the work of legal support staff has risen in popularity in recent years, as law firms and legal departments seek to reduce costs in any way they can.  However, organizations that outsource may be overlooking the significant benefits of supplementing your current workforce with legal support temporaries. While outsourcing is a common topic in… Read More »

How to Interview for Cultural Fit

Every hiring manager knows the importance of creating functional job descriptions that list the key tasks the person hired is supposed to perform.  However, fewer managers are aware of the importance of interviewing to find a good “cultural fit” as well. Every law firm and corporate legal department has its own internal culture: the set… Read More »

Is Your Company Missing an Employee Value Proposition?

Top employees have more options than ever for determining whether an employer is a good “fit” for them.  The Internet provides a wealth of information, both from the organization itself and from other sources. Consequently, the best employees are taking seriously the project of finding an employer whose offerings match their career plans.  When companies… Read More »

How to Find Qualified (Though Elusive) Top Talent

Law firms and legal departments in the greater Toronto area are facing an uphill battle.  Currently, the applicant pool for legal support staff is quite small, and the number of available jobs continues to outpace the number of qualified candidates.  As a result, firms seeking top legal support talent must hone their processes in order… Read More »