Hate Negotiating When Hiring Legal Support Professionals? We Can Help

Negotiating with top talent can be the toughest part of the hiring process – but it doesn’t have to be.  When you work with an experienced staffing firm, your recruiter can take on many of the tasks involved in the negotiating process, forging a smoother path from “I think this person will be a good… Read More »

3 Signs That a Legal Support Candidate Is a Job Hopper

When you’re seeking to hire a new legal support staff member, you don’t merely look for skills and education. You also look for someone who offers the right “fit” with your organization, so that you can continue to build the cohesive team your clients trust to provide them with quality legal representation. Unfortunately, some legal… Read More »

Hiring a Real Estate Law Clerk? Here Are 5 Things to Look For

Real estate law is a specialized area with its own set of rules, regulations, and key players. If you’re looking for a real estate law clerk in the Toronto area, pay attention to these five traits: Knowledge of real estate law. Real estate law covers not only the basics of property law, but also issues… Read More »

How to Craft an Effective Legal Support 2016 Staffing Plan

2016 is nearly here, which means that law firms and legal departments throughout Toronto are considering their goals for the coming year. To create the clearest path toward your organization’s goals, it is wise to include a strategic staffing plan that anticipates any needs for additional legal support staff and presents clear paths toward finding… Read More »

Hiring to Fill a Position vs. Hiring for Potential

When you launch a search for a legal support team member, it’s because you need the skills that a legal support staff member provides – and you need them now. It’s natural to focus on what the candidate can provide immediately. However, considering what the candidate can provide in terms of future growth can improve… Read More »

What Should You Do If Your Best Candidate Rejects Your Salary Offer?

Finding a great legal support candidate isn’t easy. When you’ve found someone with the experience, skills, and personality to make a great addition to your team, you want them to accept your offer quickly. What do you do if their first response is “That’s not going to work for me”? A candidate rejecting your salary… Read More »

How to Evaluate a Legal Support Candidate’s Communication Skills

Communication skills – writing, speaking, and listening – form the core of successful legal support work. All good legal support candidates know this and take pains to prepare for communication-related questions during the interview. To obtain a more comprehensive view of each candidate’s communication skills, employ the following methods during the interview process: Summarize each… Read More »

4 Tips for Hiring Recently Graduated Legal Support Professionals

As the older generation of legal support professionals retires, law firms and legal departments have begun to consider refreshing their ranks with new graduates. These professionals at the start of their careers may lack experience, but they bring a fresh perspective and a familiarity with learning that can reenergize a team and provide the foundation… Read More »

Should You Apply for a Legal Support Job a Second Time?

You applied for a legal support position with a law firm or legal department that offered everything you were looking for in a job.  You scoured the job posting, realized you were a great fit, and fired off a cover letter and resume.  Maybe you even interviewed for the position.  Then came the dreaded form… Read More »

Partnering With a Legal Support Recruiting Firm? Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes

Working with a legal support recruiting firm can help you streamline the hiring process, find better talent, and plan ahead to avoid hiring crises – but only if you choose the right firm and make the right calls.  Here are the top five mistakes organizations make when partnering with recruiting agencies and how to avoid… Read More »