Not Sure What Your Hiring Needs Are? Here’s How to Figure It Out

Hiring can be an arduous process when you know who you need and when. But when you’re not certain which legal support staff you’ll need to add in the coming weeks or months, the process can seem daunting. Not sure who you’ll need to add to your staff as your law firm or legal department… Read More »

4 Warning Signs That Your Hiring Team is Suffering from Groupthink

Finding the “needle” of top legal support talent in the “haystack” of available candidates can be tough. While many law firms and legal departments seek to alleviate the pressure by assigning a committee to handle hiring, the attendant risk is that the committee itself will succumb to the pressures of “groupthink” – a situation in… Read More »

5 Common Red Flags to Look for When Hiring Legal Support Professionals

Legal support staff are essential to any law firm or legal department. Finding the right staff can help legal practitioners thrive, while hiring the wrong ones can lead to disaster. Often, an organization that needs a new member of the legal support staff has little time to meander through piles of resumes or schedule leisurely… Read More »

How to Craft Your Personal Employment Brand

Law firms and legal departments are starting to think about creating their own employment brands to attract the legal support talent they need. But what many legal support candidates don’t think about is how the power of a personal employment brand can help them connect with these employers as well. Why Brand? Your personal employment… Read More »

The Integrated Approach to Recruiting

Recruiting legal support professionals is not simple. Candidates must be skilled, experienced, and a good fit for the organization’s culture. Most importantly, they must be ready to make a significant impact on your firm from the first day on the job. In the small legal community, there isn’t an infinite amount of qualified legal support… Read More »

How to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

In past posts, we’ve talked about the importance of a planned interview process in avoiding major recruiting problems, including the loss of top candidates to a process that simply took too long. Today, we’ll dive into the specifics of speeding up your hiring process without reducing the quality of your candidate pool or increasing the… Read More »

Why You Should Consider Character Traits When Hiring

When hiring legal support staff, most hiring managers quickly discover that targeting education, experience, and certifications simply isn’t enough: any candidate you might seriously consider has these basic skills. Yet experienced hiring managers also know that “any candidate” just won’t do – and finding a candidate with the precise, specific experiences your current staff have… Read More »

How Your Recruiter Can Help You Recruit (and Hire!) Better Talent

When recruiting talent isn’t your primary job, it’s difficult to perform it effectively. You know what positions you need to fill and what you need to accomplish, but how do you find and attract the best people for the job? Rethink The Job Posting Too many employers look at an open position and write a… Read More »

When Recruiting Litigation Legal Assistants, What Traits Should You Look For?

Litigation is a process like no other. A team preparing for or participating in litigation must work together well, anticipate a vast range of potential problems, prepare for many eventualities that may or may not occur, and focus on keeping a client’s information confidential and the flow of the trial moving in the client’s favor.… Read More »

Want a Great Recruiting Outcome? Then Open Up To Your Recruiting Partner!

Staffing firms can ease the burden of hiring, helping you find better legal support staff in less time. Even when you partner with a niche, local recruiting firm, however, the quality of the results depends on how well you communicate with your recruiting partner. For a great recruiting outcome, start talking! What does your recruiter… Read More »