Using Onboarding to Increase Legal Support Retention Rates

One of the largest expenses for employers is employee turnover. In the legal industry the impact can be even greater. With the specialized knowledge required to work in a law firm, the learning curve for new employees is much steeper than in other industries. The right onboarding process could be the key to retaining your… Read More »

Why You Should Consider Character Traits When Hiring

When hiring legal support staff, most hiring managers quickly discover that targeting education, experience, and certifications simply isn’t enough: any candidate you might seriously consider has these basic skills. Yet experienced hiring managers also know that “any candidate” just won’t do – and finding a candidate with the precise, specific experiences your current staff have… Read More »

How Your Recruiter Can Help You Recruit (and Hire!) Better Talent

When recruiting talent isn’t your primary job, it’s difficult to perform it effectively. You know what positions you need to fill and what you need to accomplish, but how do you find and attract the best people for the job? Rethink The Job Posting Too many employers look at an open position and write a… Read More »

Want a Great Recruiting Outcome? Then Open Up To Your Recruiting Partner!

Staffing firms can ease the burden of hiring, helping you find better legal support staff in less time. Even when you partner with a niche, local recruiting firm, however, the quality of the results depends on how well you communicate with your recruiting partner. For a great recruiting outcome, start talking! What does your recruiter… Read More »

The Predicament of a Top Applicant Who Interviewed Poorly

Finding a great legal support candidate is a bit like finding a hidden treasure: the same delight and excitement, the same high hopes for the future. And when a great candidate interviews poorly, the disappointment can be as strong as discovering that a supposed treasure is actually worth little. Even the best applicants may have… Read More »

Five Advantages to Partnering with a Niche Recruiting Firm

Choosing the best staffing firm for your organization may seem daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. Although law firms and legal departments vary considerably in their size, focus, workload, and cultures, they all share one need. Each organization must find the best possible employees in order to maximize productivity, reduce employee turnover, and… Read More »

Need Legal Support Talent? Don’t Outsource – Instead, Insource!

Outsourcing the work of legal support staff has risen in popularity in recent years, as law firms and legal departments seek to reduce costs in any way they can.  However, organizations that outsource may be overlooking the significant benefits of supplementing your current workforce with legal support temporaries. While outsourcing is a common topic in… Read More »